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Daisy Duck
Pencil on Paper

I'll be headed to Disneyworld at the end of this week. Excited probably doesn't cover it. Thank you wonderful, awesome, amazing boyfriend. :) Heartshowers for you.

In the midst of trying to clean out my memory card for the trip, I came across these from my first trip to Disneyworld. Thought I'd share. Disneyland has this same attraction in California Adventure as well, but its basically a huge class where they teach you how to draw a Disney character in like 20 minutes. Ridiculously fun (well for me) and of course like a nerd I had to sit in the front every single time. Yes, time.. I took the class like 4 times in a row. Ran out of class and right back in! since it was a different character every time. ;) Enjoy!

shoe-Tastic: Android vs Apple
Sharpie Permanent Markers on La Sportiva: Solution shoes

One of my favorite people asked me yesterday.. How many blogs have I started and abandoned in my life? Which I took to be an indirect hint to update this one. :P

Unfortunately, the only creativity in my life lately is making fliers/signs for my work (which I obviously can't post on here, and note that I work in HR--why am I making fliers? I don't know), and drawing on climbing shoes. Oh wait. That last bit just might be art huh?

So here it goes.

It's really all thanks to Leo. It was his idea to draw on shoes to begin with. This was back in January, and now it's something of an addiction. Luckily, Leo seems to have a bit of a climbing shoe addiction as well so I've been fortunate enough to have drawn 3 for him. (I'll post those up later). Unfortunately, I now have the irrational want to buy new climbing shoes for the pure purpose of drawing on them!

Good thing my boyfriend saved me from that.. by buying a pair of his own! Haha. He works for Apple and I love all things Google, so the shoe design is half a little joke, and mostly inspired by this picture I found:

I absolutely love doing these designs! I have another one lined up from another gym member, if he will ever remember to give me his shoes, that is. But in the mean while, I now have an itch to drawn on dozens of shoes.

Maybe I'll wander off to the Converse Outlets and see if they have any white ones on clearance... La La La..

I Can Haz Cookie?
Pencil on Paper

I have a cookie obsession. There's really nothing else to this. Lol.

Oh. and the outfit was inspired by something I saw on Gawd help me the day I'm actually able to go to that store.

Battle Angel Tattoo
Pencil on Paper

I'm sorry! It's been forever and a day since I've updated, and I update with a craptasic picture like this one. :(

Scanner isn't available to me any more.. so I have to make due with what I have - crappy camera phone. Life got crazy. CRAZY I tell you. I just about lost my head these last 6 months. But I'm back now! New job keeps me kind of busy, but I'll try to be better about updating.

In any case, I'll shut up now and talk about what this blog is actually suppose to be about! So this is just a sketch - potential tattoo design inspired from the anime, Battle Angel Akira. Still needs a lot of refining to make it "harder" should say. And harder it is indeed since my usual style of drawing is so foo-foo kute. I'm hoping at some point to make this good enough where I'll feel comfortable with it on my body!

From My Closet 2 - For Anna
Pen & Pencil on Paper


From My Closet 2
Pen & Pencil on Paper

Wow do I suck lately with the updating. Sorry. Life is still.. settling. :) I'll be back soon.

'Til then. Enjoy!